Whale Watching & Adventure Tours in St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Nature at its best!
Experience the magic whale watching with St. Andrews
Ocean Adventures on our safe and stable Zodiac Hurricane

Welcome to St. Andrews by-the-Sea

Experience the magnificence of the Bay of Fundy aboard the St. Andrews Ocean Adventures Zodiac Hurricane! Embark on our safe and knowledgeable whale watching tour and immerse yourself in a marine ecosystem unlike anywhere else in the world. From nature’s largest mammals to soaring seabirds and unspoiled coastal scenery, our whale watching adventures are more than just a boat ride around the bay – they’re an opportunity to connect with nature and uncover the many maritime secrets harboured in this legendary region.

St. Andrews Ocean Adventures puts your safety first and always places high priority on respect for the whales, wildlife and their habitat. The Hurricane is a 25-foot rigid-hulled Zodiac made in Canada and powered by an eco-friendly 285 hp turbo diesel engine. Prior to being used as a tour boat, the Zodiac Hurricane was part of the Canadian Coast Guard fleet used as a high-speed rescue craft. It provides comfort and exceptional stability while offering one of the lowest rates of sea sickness.

With just 12 passengers per trip, our knowledgeable captains create an intimate ocean experience while providing in-depth discussions of the area’s marine biology and ecology. Have questions? Ask away! Along the way you’ll be greeted by some of New Brunswick’s more famous residents – finback, minke and humpback whales – as well as dolphins, porpoise, seals and bald eagles. Lighthouses, local aquaculture and spectacular photographic moments all add up to a high-seas adventure of a lifetime!

Feel the Adventure Whale Watching in St. Andrews!
Maximize your whale watching experience aboard the Zodiac. Our tours feature shorter transit times so you have more time to take in the adventure.

• Adventurous, safe ride
• High-speed ex-Coast Guard rescue craft
• Bilingual staff and captain
• Complimentary local Smoked Salmon and Pâté
• Bottled water provided for your comfort
• Full outerwear provided to keep you warm and dry
• Retail shop featuring local maritime products




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